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Science is a perception resulting from the mistakes made to make a concept, an absolute truth. Science of today is the technological reality of future. Science is a mystery itself. If recognized then it becomes a marvel.It has changed all the ways of living. It has revolutionized the all aspects of life though if it is the field of technology in IT, medicine, astrology, agriculture or industry etc.

Quran and science

Searching clues are driven from the versus of Quran and then researched and observed. These led human to the realistic truths of natural phenomenon.

For example, two seas meet because of their different water densities and temperature and this is also termed in the Holy Book Quran.

Pondering over the suggestions we can find the nature’s hidden truths.

                          “The whole of Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”.

(Albert Einstein)         

Main Aspects of science:

Science is the way because of it we can measure the speed of sounds beneath water depth.

Science is a blessing by which the era of life has become easier because diagnosis of diseases has become easier, by diagnosis, medication can be done to cure it.

Science enables the human beings to discover the planets other than earth. It also enhances the knowledge of stars and galaxies. 

Flow of electrons through a conducting wire is known as electricity which is another blessing of science. Electricity has made every mode of our life easy.

Science mitigates all the imaginations by converting into a technological truth. Man has illusions that are altered into wonders.

Travelling has become easy and time limited. Trains, airplanes and other modes of travelling are now used to make travelling happier and in a short period of time.

Marvels of science in technology:

Source of an idea can lead to a technological possibility.

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

Medical instruments, radar system, nuclear technologies and much other instrumentation are developed. By technology we are come to know about the marvelous we are indulge into every day. By studying the behaviour of physical and natural world by instrumentation and observation we can be fascinated by the wonders of science.

Science in medication:

Because of knowledge of science, man has invented the ways to find and cure diseases. All sorts of medicines are discovered by research.

“Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done”

Each and every type of disease can now be cured. Medical imaging, X-Rays, MRI, ultrasounds and many other ways are discovered to diagnose a disease. It has mitigated the threats to life that were difficult to cure in pas.

Even now, most of the body organs are transmitted from person to person. Cancer which is a fatal disease can be cured because of research.

Science is a benefit as well as a curse:

Science has made life easier but it can also be a curse. Nuclear technologies invented atom bombs that may destroy the world in a while.

Many chemicals are made that are useful for the agricultural purposes but these may be harmful to the aquatic life.

Science is a boom that has revolutionised every field but its uses must be harmless.

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