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Water is the necessary element for all livings. Declining water percentage on earth because of man itself is unavoidable. The biggest enemy of the living resources of human is the man himself. Unnecessary use of water is not avoided unless water scarcity is resulted. Human activities trigger climatic changes due to which the water resources are diminishing.

 2 billion people (26% of the population) do not have safe drinking water globally in a report by UNESCO on behalf of UN water.

If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.

David Suzuki

 Water is present on earth in percentage of about 71.

Water level is declining because of its unnecessary use and wastage. Water resources are decreasing because of climate changes.

Water is preset on earth in two major forms:

  1. Ground Water
  2. Under Ground Water

Ground water is present in form of oceans, rivers, lakes and frozen water in form of glaciers.

Unnecessary uses of water:

In industries, water is used at broader level. In return, the wastes of the industries are added back into open water resources.

These raw materials containing heavy elements are polluting water. Heavy metals make water hard that can’t be used for all purposes. 

Causes of Water Crisis:

Major water crisis are as following:

  1. Droughts and climate change
  2. Poor water management and increasing demand.
  3. Water pollution

Droughts and climate change:

Drought is demonstrated as dry weather or the lack of precipitation either it is in form of rain or snow fall.

Drought leads to severe water scarcity. It becomes difficult to meet water challenges.

Drought may leave severe effects leading to dry weather.

The duration of rainfall is different for different regions. Due to harsh conditions and climatic changes, rainfall pattern may be altered.

As temperature rises, soil evaporates quickly which in turn affects distribution of water over different regions of earth. Draught may lave its long lasting effects.

Poor water management:

Today, the population of earth is around 8 billion. As the number of individual increases by percentage, water needs are also increased. Growing population increases the water demand for consumption.

As safe and pure water is necessary to be provided as food element. Urbanization and increasing rate of population both demand more pure drinking water which causes the water scarcity.

For instance, China is developed country but still at risk of depletion of pure water due to poor water management.

The risk of water scarcity is a threat to Governance.

Government must have to make safe policies to save water resources either these are in form of running ground water or the frozen glaciers.

Water pollution:

Water pollution is the emerging issue around all over the world. Contaminated water is another cause due to which water resources are declining.

Water resources are getting depleted by 76% according to World Bank.

Industries put trash and raw materials into running water which increases heavy metal and make water unable to be used.

Doing all we can to combat climate change comes with numerous benefits, from reducing pollution and associated health care costs to strengthening and diversifying the economy by shifting to renewable energy, among other measures.

David Suzuki

Due to impurities, algae are formed which deprived water of oxygen. In this way, water becomes polluted.

Due to this serious issue, water resources are declining. Water pollution must be managed so that pure water resources are saved.

Water purifying strategies are important to save water as more than 80% of waste water evaporates back into air.

Way Forward:

Governments have to make future water management policies for conservation of water resources for socio-economic development.

Dams must be increased in numbers for increasing water storage so that risk of water depletion must be reduced. It will cope with seasonal water depletion.

Water purifying plants must be developed equipped with latest technologies for purification of drinking water. So that water is purified and then used for drinking and many other purposes.

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