Village life Essay

Nothing is degraded in the world. It is our thought capability of making a thing beneficial or disgraced.

 Towns are made by man. Village life is simple but blissful. Population in a village area is less with a few houses to live. village areas are quite distant or outside the urban areas or cities. These are far away from hustle and bustle of life so these are full of peace.

Peace, calm and a pleasant environment makes village life best than the life in city.

Culture and traditions:

In village areas, people are quite simple because they prefer to adopt simple ways of livings.

As there is no charm of business as in cities and the noise pollution likes urban areas. A fewer festivals and gatherings are held every year there.

People participate and enjoy beautiful traditions of rural life.

In festivals, the rural culture reflects prominently.

Many dishes are cooked and enjoyed being gathered. People show their culture by different means. This is the basic beauty of rural areas that differentiate them from cities.

Advantages of rural life:

People living in villages are quite simple and loving. They take care of each other and seem to be united.

They eat simple foods and wear simple dresses in resemblance to their culture.

village life, in spite of, being deprived of basic educational, healthcare and many other opportunities, is peaceful and calm.

There is no noise of traffic and industries. The environment of rural area is free of air pollution caused because of traffic and industries as in cities.

Air is clean and water is pure. Environment in rural area is worth living.

Tranquility, natural beauty and simplicity of rural life are quite impressive.

Disadvantages of rural life:

Life in a city is artificial but keeps opportunities. While village areas are deprived of basic facilities like educational institutions, hospitals and transports.

People in rural areas cannot get higher education because of deprived of best educational opportunities.

Being in villages, people cannot enjoy the modernity of the current age.

Government should invest in rural area as these are beneficial in each regard.

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