Here, you may find important test updates & schedule for coming exams. Past paper & important MCQs mostly repeated in each exam are shared on this website. Each competitive exam mostly includes repeated questions. You may also have an overview of the coming exam schedule to qualify the test. You must access yourself here and prepare for your AFNS test 2024. You must have a complete knowledge about academic and intelligence based test so that you may qualify in your AFNS exam.

Verbal Intelligence Mcqs

AFNS Verbal Test

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AFNS exam is held each year to opt qualifying candidates. It consists of Verbal, non verbal MCQs and academic and intelligence based MCQs. Candidates must read their books and AFNS test preparation materials in form of handouts and notes. But you must read online content.

Here, you can test yourself for the judgement of your previous knowledge before participating in AFNS test 2024. Candidates passing matriculation and intermediate exams can apply for the AFNS test 2024. Salaries of AFNS are ranged in 22000 to 3,65000 from lower to higher scale.

If you are ascertain about nursing professional, then we assure you Nursing profession is remarkable field. Finding opportunity by passing AFNS test, you can serve your country best.