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STA100 – General Mathematics and Biostatistics

Q1. In normal distribution  how much data fall in this interval

Q2.find stem and leaf of the data   55,51,62, 91, 64,  66, 75,73,71, 82 4 commonly used type of average.

Q4. Find domain   and range of f(x)= 5x+2

Q5.A teacher is making multiple choice quiz. she wants to give students same question but question appears in different order. If there are 27 students what least number does quiz contain?

Q6 definition of Qualitative data and quantitative data. also give example

Q7.write formula for regression  for  Yon  X and write  formula for intercept  ‘a’.

Q8.A random sample is drawn from  a population with  mean 33   variance       if  S =15      THEN compute t-statics,

Q9. Find  A+ 2B   where

Q10.following are the 2  random samples

Construct 95% confidence interval for the difference  b/w  mean  (where Syx=9.75)

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