sports and games essay | quotations

Sports and games are essential for both physical and mental health. These keep us healthy and active. Sports keeps us physically fit. These change our tedium and mitigate our boredom. These are source of refreshment. Sports active our mind and sharpens mental skills of players. Regular exercise is good for maintenance of health in which sports play an important role.

Beneficial for Health:

Regular exercise keeps us fit. Sports active our brain capabilities and makes us physically stronger.

We can be exhausted sometime because of boredom. In this, sports agile us and we feel energetic.

Games enhance the IQ level of students.

Organized sports keep children physically focused. These are important for the metabolism of a human.

These improve our relaxation at the time to sleep.

Sports and games are good for student. When students are tired of the routine work and same tasks then sports provide them with a boost of energy.

In return, students may focus enthusiastically.

Mental skills of students are enhanced. This change makes them dynamic.

Sports improve mental vibes:

Sports and games improve our mental vibes. Positive vibes generate a positive life.

“Today, you have 100% of your life left.”

– Tom Landry

Sports active our brain and it becomes more functional than before. Sports help us to solve issue by collaboration. Games produce positive thoughts.

Improves Cooperation:

When players meet different person of different mind thoughts, they learn how to deal effectively.

Sports teach collaboration and cooperation among player. These enhance confidence level to face tasks.

We seek how to deal with others. Sports teach us to settle all conflicts positively.

These improve our communication skills and build connections with others.

In this way, sports build us morally.


A player always does his best in the field of playing. He is not afraid of lose. If he wins he wins he is motivated by the reward of his struggle. If he loses, he tries to do best than before. In this way, he motivates himself in both conditions of victory or loses.

“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”  

– Frank L.

He overcomes the fear of lose. Because fear is just an illusion. By trying again and again he becomes more motivated.

“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”


In this way, sports and games also trigger the sense of self-motivation in players.

Raises discipline:

A player follows the game rules while playing in the field. He keeps discipline. Unless conflicts, he behaves disciplinary. In return, a strong bonding is developed among players despite of the difference of country, language, religion and race etc.

If a player plays the game honestly, his morale becomes high. In this way, sports and games build characters.

Sports and games keep us fit and strong along with keeping us passionate.

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