Role of Media

Media is the source of information flow and sharing of opinions between different nations and states. Role of media promotes globalization as it spreads the authentic opinions across world. In ancient times, when there was no mode of transmission of information. People were bounded to their own states or countries. They did not know the traditions and policies of other countries. As the modern technology introduced, role media is considered now the best way of keeping people with all information at their tips of fingers by the use of technology.

In this modern era, media can persuade, manipulate or pressurize the society by its authority of interpretation and providing information through descriptive talks and debates.

Role of media is significant in society by different modes via





‘Media’ term is named from medium which is a signifying mode carrier that occupies a large group of people or societies.

Strengthen a society:

There was an age when no mode of transmission was introduced. People found difficulty to express their opinion and to remain in touch with the current affairs around them.

Now, media as a mode of transmission plays significant role in making public opinion and shaping it.

“I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.”

Tom Stoppard

Media strengthens the society and plays a dynamic role in democracy. Role of media is also a source of globalization.

Role of Media in Democracy:

Media being the voice of people shows facts and secrets hidden behind any information.

Today, when politicians and authority holders take wrong advantages of their authorities, an evil midst of mafia, oppressing the life of poor or a common person for the sake of some personal advantages then media put truths and facts before public.

Media pressurize them to straighten their ways. It realizes them to use the right meanings of their authorities because public offices are public trusts.

Media expresses the opinion of common people, their benefits and preferences. In this way it promotes democracy.

It speaks for ensuring the rights of common people. Media speaks facts behind justice and judiciary. Role of media determines the progress and uplift of a nation.

Media must play its role concerning the rights of people because it can expose anything in right or wrong way.

Importance of Media:

Media plays its key role updating people about current affairs, news, happenings and entertains them.

Media has become a key element of the modern civilization. Role of media is also another source of globalization as it spreads information world wide.

Media is source of online debates and demonstrations over various affairs. Information can be collected from a single click. Media is a source of connection between the audience and their favorite ones.

Media controls society in both positive and negative ways. Media can navigate any information or incidence. It has a key role in pursuing people and pressurizing them.

Independence of media:

Media can be a source of people’s reaction and opinion because it can pursue people mentally or psychologically by showing them as it want.

In a state where media is free, play its role in showing true facts and showing honesty to their profession and obligations can lead its state to development.

Role of Media can be beneficial in educating people by informing them by falsehood and facts.

Media can spread awareness about current international affairs.

If media is under pressure then it cannot play its role openly and in fair manners.

Media in this way may deteriorate people by spreading false assumptions. It may lead a country’s development at risk and towards social and political conflicts.  

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