Rights of women | Status of women in Islam | CSS Essay for Preparation

Women rights mean equality in every sphere of life and privilege equal to men. Women play key role as the men play. Women have equal rights in getting education, work as that of men and getting all opportunities along with holding public offices.

Civilized states and societies always ensure equal rights of women and emphasize to fulfill them.

Education of woman:

Education of a man is the education of an individual while educating women is educating the whole society because women brought up societies.

Education of women is also included in their rights. Woman has right to get qualification as that a man get.

A qualified woman can nourish the soul of whole generation.

Getting education, women can work and earn for themselves. Woman must be independent.

Women education stabilizes economy by reducing illiteracy and ensures equality.

From decades, when women got educated, it reduced illiteracy risks and poverty from the state.

Equality in getting opportunities is essential for making a state prosperous.

Napoleon said, “Give me educated mothers, I will give you a good nation”.

Empowering women:

Empowering women includes being independent, equality of rights and expression of choice including freedom.

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

G.D Anderson

Woman must be given hold in public offices and authorities if capable.

A nation can’t progress if its women are left behind.

Steps to empower woman:

Increasing opportunities of getting best education

Ceasing domestic violence

Giving equal gender rights

Employment opportunities in every field

There are so many states struggling to give equality. These are providing an easy environment to let the woman use their rights in getting an easy access to education and occupation.

Some underdeveloped countries suppress some rights of women. These don’t give equal rights to them and underestimate their abilities. This is the reason these are lagging behind the developed countries. Empowerment of women plays key role in progress of a country.

Rights of woman and Islam:

 Islam is a sacred religion that lays a great stress over the woman rights.

It gives a level field for both man and women to get education and work.

Before the advent of Islam, woman was suppressed because of underestimating their rights and considering them weak gender. Girls were buried alive after birth. Women were treated as slaves, worse than animals.

Allah says in Quran:

 “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female – you are equal to one another.”

 Qur’an, 3: 195

Prophet S.W taught Muslims to fear Allah in respect of woman. Be polite to them and give them basic living and social rights.  

Islam gave them equal rights to men. Women as mother, sister or wife commands great respect in Islam.

Islam says that women are equal to men both intellectually and spiritually. So women must be treated politely and with great honor.

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