Raja Gidh Urdu Novel PDF Download

Bano Qudsia, writer of Raja Gidh novel was a famous Pakistani novelist, playwright and spiritualist. She wrote literature in Urdu, producing novels, dramas plays and innovative stories. Her strives to promote best Urdu literature in an easy way will always be remembered. Her novel & writings uplifted the literature in a way that everyone can easily understand the impressive lesson hidden in her stories.

Raja Gidh reflects the story of a girls who is desired by her two class fellows & a professor. But she loved one of her class fellows. All her hopes diminishes when he start loving another girl. Raja Gidh is a phenomenal & intellectual Urdu story that roams about carving that “what causes madness in human?”

Main characters of Raja Gidh

This novel is all about a village boy who came to city for qualification & be in love with his class fellow Seemi. She is already in love with another class fellow. In this way, our stages of life are experienced in the whole story. Bano Qudsia also revealed the difference between Halaal & Haraam in this story of Raja Gidh. The story of the novel & character in Raja Gidh is some how depressing and prevails hopelessness with bold & thought-provoking dialogues. This novel combines sociology, philosophy & religion all in one form of a fiction novel.

Raja Gidh is mostly read novel in all times. It is most famous novel in urdu literature books & widely appreciated because of its innovative story reflecting different aspects of society.

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