Rainy day essay in English

Rain is the blessing in boredom. When rain drops fall, it feels that our strain is reduced.

It was the Wednesday in the tropical month of June. In the evening, it was a very suffocating condition of weather. Humid prevailed everywhere.

As after a long tiring day of school, I was feeling very tired and boring. Everyone was fatigued.

The weather was very hot outside. Animals, birds and plants seemed to be dull. Temperature got riser than before.

Meanwhile, a blow of wind was there. After some time, there was a storm of wind. Everyone came outside their rooms. All were feeling happy than before.

Thundering was listening and everyone was amusing in that change of weather. Cool breeze braced us up.

Within no time, it started raining. Rain drops were falling down on the earth as the silver dew drops.

 A morning with little drops of rainwater and a soothing glimpse of you.

When there is a rain in the hot weather, then rain drops feel like the pennies of alms in our hands that we need the most.

Rain continued to shower its water for almost an hour. When it stopped, a spell of water was flowing in the streams.

Streams were full of water and everyone around was feeling joyful. There was a cold change in the weather. Rain with its pearl like drops, gave a calm and happiness.

 “Rainbows are made of small raindrops. Happy lives are made from acts of kindness.” –

Amit Ray

In the evening, after the rain stopped, there was a circle of seven merged colors on the sky. Bright sun rays were piercing the drops sustained in the air. This phenomenon makes a band of seven colors which is called rainbow. Rainbow was looking attractive and children were observing the flashing seven colors of bands on the sky.

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