Patriotism essay

Patriotism is the devotion and love of an individual with his country or the political party he likes the most. It’s a natural sense of loving.

When we live over a place for a long duration of time, where we born, that land becomes sacred to us. A kind of devotion is developed for that place of living.

Patriotism does not only love your country. It is also the enthusiasm we have for the party and ideology we are belonged.

People born over a place and with the passage of time they left that born place and move to fulfill the necessities of life but they are devoted for their birth place.

Patriotism is not only a feeling of devotion but it is also the honesty with the country or the political or any other group we are belonged to.

Qualities of a patriot;

If a patriot has real sense of patriotism then he must have following qualities:

  1. Patriot is always honest and obedient to the fulfilment of laws.
  2. Patriot never denies sacrificing when the time arises.
  3. Patriot loves the country along with its people and resources and is always justifying with them.
  4. Patriot always respects the traditions and cultures of other nations.

Why patriotism is inevitable?

Patriotism is the devotion that unites the crowds into a nation. It is the feeling that based for strive of freedom of Pakistan.

It is the nationalism that unites the crowds into a nation. Nations always progress being untied and strong. A patriot is always loyal and faithful to his country.

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.”

Patriotism is the attribute because of which the nation having different traditions, religious values and virtues live together and contribute.

Patriotism leads liberty. If patriotism is developed then nation can get liberty and freedom.

Patriot never afraid to confront the hardships and difficulties faced by hi country or nation.

He always works for his country’s welfare and make it prosper.

Priorities of a patriot:

For a patriot, sovereignty, honour and integrity are the supreme values on which no compromise is made.

 “We must develop a sense of patriotism which galvanises us all into one united and strong nation.”

Quaid.e..Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

He works for the prosperity of his country and respects the values of the culture of other nations.

If a nation is united and devoted then it progress by leap and bounds.

The main reason of the fall of nation is the disunity and division among its nation.

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