Pakistan’s Affairs MCQs CSS | CSS/FPSC/PPSC/PMS MCQs

Pakistan’s Affairs is one of the most important topic for preparation in CSS exam. MPT screening test going to held in first week of October 2023. Candidates must pass this MCQs based preliminary test to take written test CSS in February 2024. SO, students must learn MCQs of all subjects to pass MPT.

Here, all important MCQs are given on most important CSS topic “Pakistan’s Affairs”. MCQs based test in each CSS exam consists of 20 marks.


All important MCQs are given in pdf.

Multiple choice questions of all compulsory subjects like english essays, english comprehension, Islamiat and General science and ability are included in MPT. Students must have comprehensive knowledge to pass MCQs test before taking written test of CSS. If MPT is failed students can’t take further written exams of CSS.

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