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Overabundance is the presence of specie’s population over the carrying adequacy of that environment.

When we concern the term overpopulation it means increased number of human population to be sustained by carrying capacity of earth.

Overpopulation is the globally raised issue which leads to a lot of management hurdles. Overpopulation gives rise to the lack of management, depletion of food and water which leads to malnutrition and deficit place to live.

According to United Nations the population of world today is more than 8 billion. More people mean an increased demand of social necessities, healthcare, energy, pure water, food, place to live and transportation.

Overpopulation is a root problem of all the environmental issues. If you can control the population, you can control almost anything.

~ Rinkesh Kukreja, Founder – Conserve Energy Future

Overpopulation leads to management difficulties, pandemics, risk of conflict and disasters. So, population explosion must be concerned as major issue and specific steps must be taken by the Governments to manage as population of human increases day by day.

Effects of overpopulation:

Overpopulation creates a lot of obstacles like

Shortage of Food:

As the number of people is increased, demand of food is also increased.

If food management is not according to the population, then it gives rise to poverty and malnutrition.

Government policies must have favorable steps to cope with shortage of food.

Water resources are depleting because of climate changes and Global warming.

Lack of Water:

In this case, when population is increased, supply of pure water to drink becomes difficult.

3.4 million People die each year because of contaminated water they drink. Water scarcity is a serious issue because contaminated water gives rise to a lot of diseases which may be fatal. Contaminated water can also be a source of pandemic.

Steps must be taken for prevention of water pollution so that resources of water can be saved.


When the number of population is increased beyond the carrying capacity of earth then it becomes difficult to provide jobs and sources of income.

Unemployment is boomed when population is increased. Resources become deficit so that earning becomes an issue for people.

Deficit Space to live & Deforestation:

Overpopulation gives rise to deficiency or shortage of space to live.

Space on earth is decreasing as the population is increasing. To cope with this problem, forests are cut down to clear the space. Forests are getting depleted and in turn, climates are getting changed. Global warming is also resulted in this act.

Rise in Poverty:

Population explosion gives rise to poverty. When there is no adequate place to live, amount of food to consume by all livings then poverty is enhanced which is a threat to the economy of each state. Child labor is increased and sources are depleted.

Climate change:

One of the major ecological drastic effects that may be long lasting is climatic shift. Climate shift was a natural phenomenon but from 1900s it is noted that climate change results because of human activities. Human is the driver of climate change himself.

Deforestation is resulted in clearing space to provide lives to people. It leads to global warming. The temperature pattern is totally changed which leads to draught or depletion of resources.

As the temperature of earth is increased, water resources are depleted.

Human activities like deforestation, industrialization and use of fossils are increasing shifts in climate pattern.

Spreading of Diseases:  

When there is a population bloom, then any pandemic may spread which may not be easy to cope with it.

As much the population is increased, more diseases are resulted.

Why it is important to control population?

Overpopulation gives rise to a number of problems as described. It must be checked so that scarcity of basic human needs is prevented. Equality of human rights is assured only when there is controlled population.

 If we don’t halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity- and will leave a ravaged world.

~ Nobel Laureate Henry W. Kendall

If population will be getting enhanced at the present rate, there will be a time when food, space, water and basic necessities will be difficult to be provided.

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