My Hobby Essay

Hobby is the activity pursued for having fun in leisure time.It is not an occupation of daily life.

Mostly people do some activities for fun or pastime.

No one can stay away of doldrums or worries of life if he does not have a part time activity.

Hobbies stay person away from the illusions and tension of daily life happenings. I think, hobby must be chosen for your children in which they are interested. They must be provided of essentials related their interest of activities.

Everyone must develop a hobby because it will distract him from boredom. Hobbies fulfill our life when we are alone.

  1. Hobbies mitigate tensions and boredom.
  2. You must not have to release your energy for doing what you are not interested in. If you develop a hobby, it will make you creative in the field in which you are interested the most.
  3. Hobbies are the source of recreation and development of skills.
  4. Hobbies keep us away from the daily routine rigidity.
  5. If you have hobby, you must not have a friend for your pastime.

Types of hobbies:

As everyone has different type of nature as well as the interest. Many people have different hobbies which they pursue in leisure for enjoyment or to fulfill the happiness.

Reading books, travelling, stamp collecting, photography, riding, coin collecting, cooking, gardening or the collection of the objects that someone like the most are some types of hobbies adopted by different individuals.

Book Reading:

Books are the best friend of human. Book reading is one of the best ways to spend free time. Books are easy to take away along with ourselves. Books are the source of recreation of mind. People read different types of books related history, religion, stories, fiction and encyclopedia.

 “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies …

Advantages of book reading are as following:

  1. Books boost our knowledge.
  2. These are the source of development of mind.
  3. Reading travels you to the world of dreams.
  4. It enhances the perception of awareness.

My hobby is book reading. I mostly read moral constructing books. These enhance the awareness and beautify our life. Books are the source of dreaming with open eyes.


Photography is closing of nature in eye of camera at just one click. It is a hobby, perfectionism and a source of pleasure.

This hobby is adopted by the people who are nature lovers. Photography is taking pictures of the natural beauty.

You may save the natures that love the most.

Some like wild animals other like the beautiful sceneries. Some people take photos of the birds and wild life.

Photography enchants the person with its beautiful sights.


As trees are sources of life on earth.

Gardening is one of the best hobbies adopted by a lot of persons. People grow plants in their houses and roofs. Once this source of pleasure is adopted by an individual, it cannot be dropped. People sow seeds then a plant is grown. They water these plants and in return they seek the process of nature creation as well as amused by this beautiful hobby.

Plants are source of oxygen for us so these must be cultivated at larger area for environment conservation.


Travelling is the movement from one side to the other.

Travelling as a hobby is very excited way for pastime.

Nature attracts human because of the hidden attributes of it. It gives a chance to human to reveal these hidden facts.

 “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

As a hobby, people travel to their sights which they like most. They enjoy nature by travelling. Travelling gives a lot of points of refreshment. People amuse by the colorful nature.

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