My favorite book Essay

Books are the best friends of human. As food nourishes our body, good books nourish our soul. Books are the best companions of us because these never leave us alone.

Books acknowledge us and enhance our information.

Books provide us the way that we can dream with open eyes while reading a good book.

Benefits of book reading:

People adopt the hobby of book reading. As it is an exceptional way of travelling through the world you like the most without going anywhere. Books are the flow of information. These are best source to mitigate boredom. Good books educate our soul. These seek us the knowledge that we don’t know.

Book reading as a hobby:

 People, who are fond of reading books, always have a huge storage of books.

 “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey.

Anna Quindlen

Some people read the books of their favorite writer. Some read books randomly that are in accordance with their point of interest.

Types of books:

Books are of many types and topics.

Some people read books on history, fiction while others read religious books or the books that build moral character.

I have read many books but my favorite book is the Holy Quran.

It is the book revealed on last Prophet S.W. it is considered the last revealed book. This book is the fountain of knowledge.

Benefits of reading Quran:

Quran is beyond comparison Kalam of Allah Almighty, who is the creator of all universes. 

Quran is the book mostly read by Muslims. It is full of instructions sent to follow by Muslims. Quran builds our morale. It gives us the aim to live life.

Quran is the saved information sent by our Almighty Allah that is a light in the dark mode of life.

It teaches us how to live for others.

It teaches us how we can please our God.

Islam as a religious is a complete code of life.

Holy Quran is the book which is source of knowledge. It teaches us the code of life and the true boundaries of Islam.

By following the instructions of Quran, we can live our life within the boundaries of Islam.

A source of transmission of knowledge:

Quran is a safe way to transmit knowledge and message of Allah from generation to generation. As it was sent centuries of years ago, but it is transferring the message of Allah to His mankind in a safe way.

Quran lights the ways in gloomy darkness for Muslims. Quran is the complete code for our moral as well as social behavior.

It teaches humanity.

Quran is the scripture in which Allah describes all the ways of living.

Reading this holy book, our soul is purified. We should follow the teachings of Islam and Quran.

Quran is surely beneficial when it is learnt and fixed into hearts and minds.

We should not only read it, but try to follow it also.

Holy Quran is the book which have no doubt in it.

First revelation:

Quran was revealed to Holy Prophet S.W, the last messenger of Allah. First ayah revealed when Prophet S.W was worshiping in the cave of Hira. First revelation of Quran was:

             اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ

Read, in the name of thy Lord.

Each word of Quran teaches us as well as builds our moral.

I love this Holy Book because it seeks me how to live. It calm my soul.

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