My Best Teacher

Teaching is a sacred profession as it was first chosen by the Prophets of Almighty Allah.

Holy Prophet S.W was a teacher who proved to be a blessing for whole humanity. So, teaching is a respectable and noble profession.

From the start of our academic background, we study in intense care of a lot of teacher. There are many skillful teachers in our academic history who grown us up morally and developed our metal skills and power of thoughts.

Teacher is source of light in the dusk who leads us towards a bright future.

Qualities of a Good Teacher:

A good teacher is always humble and sincere to his profession.

He is always a guiding way for his students. A good teacher grows his students mentally and morally. He focuses his student’s future. Teacher always strives for the betterment of his students.

Nation Builder:

A skillful teacher can groom his students’ abilities. Teachers are the nation builders because they provide a nation educated and full of ambition. Teachers are like pillars in development of a country.

Teacher I like the most:

I like and respect all the teachers but I like my English teacher which is a noble lady. She teaches with enthusiasm and zeal.

She always stress over the main purpose of education.

She is sincere and devoted. I adored her teaching method. She teaches us with easy method and we understand quickly.

She enhances our knowledge and grooms us. She teaches us to do good deeds.

she is a Muslim and says her prayers five time a day. She is very sincere regarding her religion and profession. She instructs us to pay our obligations sincerely. I am impressed of her thoughts and methods.

Her personality is very delicate and charming as she is very affectionate.

I like my teacher and respect her.

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