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MTH302 Assignment Solution

Mth302 both questions solution is given below:

Q1. Calculate the mean, median & mode for the following set of data 1,2,8,5,4,9,3,4,5,8,6,2,4,5,8,10,12.


To calculate the mean, median & mode for the following given set of data 1,2,8,5,4,9,3,4,5,8,6,2,4,5,8,10,12 we can follow these steps:


The mean is calculated by summing up all the values in given set of data & dividing it by total number of values:

1+2+8+5+4+9+3+4+5+8+6+2+4+5+8+10+12 = 104

Total number of values = 17

Mean = Sum of values / total number of values

Median = 6.12

therefore, median of given set of data is 6.12.


To find median we have to sort al the data in ascending order.


The median is the middle value in sorted data.

Median = 5


the mode is the value that appears most frequently in given data.

Mode in given data above are 4 & 5.

since both 4 & 5 are given three times in data which is more than any other value in data set.

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