Most Important VU Past Papers | VU past papers 2023 | Eng504 past paper

  • Vu past papers contain important questions that are revised each year.
  • Final terms consist of 30% mid-term syllabus and 70% second half syllabus.
  • Mid-term paper must be remarked as pass otherwise annual will also be considered as fail.
  • Papers are almost conceptual.

Short Questions

  1. Sociolinguistics point of view about fossilization & incomplete success.
  2. Name three categories in which learning category can be defined.
  3. Do you think SSL is second language? Reset parameters of first language.

Long Questions

  1. What are the views of different theorists about learner’s performance in second learning language?
  2. Write a short note on the role of negative evidence in SLL?
  3. There are three methods in children in second language acquisition. Write third stage with one example.

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