Modern technology essay

About 5000 years ago, man succeeded in inventing wheel. That was the first human invention that was considered as minimizing the human fatigue & manual Burdon. Later on, much more inventions in modern technology were done after this milestone achievement. People all around the world started admiring this journey of modern technology because it was the need of hour. As time passed, many new inventions were done, new ideas were discovered & new benchmarks were laid down to discourse the stars of innovation & creativity.

Modern Technology brought ease & happiness to the society in form of improved agriculture, efficient communication system, up graded health care system, industrialization & unabated aeration. Hence, we can say that modern technology has revolutionized every era of life.

Pros & Cons of Modern Technology

Space Exploration:

outside of earth’s atmosphere, there is no gravity, a high temperature & zero pressure known as space. Exploration of space through modern technology is another addition of a star in nova of brilliance & creativity. Yuri Gagarin was the first man exploring the space. Later on, many new inventions in world mapping system, weather augury & disaster management system were done. To be very precis, exploration of space has added much more to the fields of modern technology.

Invention in Agriculture

Arrival of industrialization started demanding the improved agricultural yield. In this field, new tools were developed, production of raw materials for more growth was enhanced. Modern technology also provided with pest resistant & enhanced quality nutritional plants. Different techniques to water the plants & crops were devised like drip arrogation method & sprinkle arrogation.

Health care system

Modern technology has also revolutionized the field of health & fitness. About hundred years ago, nearly 5 million people were killed due to Spanish flu. those days, health care system was poor & ineffective. Now a days, if we compare, due to the blessings of modern technology, world can cope with any pandemic. A great example of this is a recent pandemic “Covid-19” that affected the entire world but the human response was best to it. It all was done easily due to the modern technology. In addition, modern technology has made more effective & efficient in diagnosis & treatment of diseases.

Modern technology innovation in Genetic Modification

Genetic modification is the technique in which genes of an organism are altered for the benefit & welfare of human beings. This has made easier many fields of life like in agriculture in producing more resistant & yielding plants. Many animals are also genetically modified like cows to get more milk & meat. Modern technology has made easier the discovery of penicillin for diabetes & discovery of antibiotics & vaccines.

Communication system

Modern technology ha made it easier for the people to connect each other. In older days, letters were dispatched that were delivered in a number of days & then communication was processed. Now, all because of modern technology, communication system is made easier because of the invention of cell phones. People can now connect each other & their communication is just at the tips of fingers.

Internet in communication system provides best opportunity to meet people at video calls. Now the study & exchange of ideas is not so difficult because you can easily share your thoughts within a few seconds.

Disadvantages of Modern technology

Along with a number of advantages of modern technology, there are some disadvantages seems to be. Human inventions caused destruction of environment. These has polluted water-habitat of many livings. These has increased global warming & urbanization. To the utter astonishment of all of all us, man succeeded in inventing a lot of chemicals. Chemicals like insecticides, pesticides increase the yield but on other hand, these chemicals destruct the water bodies & earth’s upper layer’s quality is also spoiled.

Global warming is another effect caused because of human inventions that is increasing temperature of atmosphere because of which weather pattern is totally changes. It also causes the melting of glaciers which in turn results floods & storms like havocs. Scientists claim that if average global warming increases 2 degree centigrade, the world will observe trillion of dollars in losses of couple with the death of human by 2100.

Due to the intense inventions of modern technology, world is observing a steep rise in job loss. Manual labor id now reduced due the introduction of machines in every field of life. Because of which physical & health activities by a person are also reduced because technology eases everything & man ha nothing to do physically. We may also say that the inventions of modern technology has pushed the manual labor backward.

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