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Download Virtual University Solved Paper All Subjects here, Solving previous years’ papers gives you an idea about the pattern of the paper and the pattern of questions asked. Solving papers will help you know your problems and you can practice those Subjects before Exams. Past papers enhance your confidence and you can also get an idea about your preparation. You must have to read past papers along with handouts for best preparation.

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MGT501 past paper questions

Question1: Does indirect cost of an accident exceed the direct cost for an organization? Why or why not? 5 marks.
Question2: An organization where operations are so diversified that finding the job similarity is quite difficult. HR Manager wants to develop an efficient strategy so that Job pricing become easy. As HR Manager, which Job Pricing Strategy would you suggest for this organization and why? 5 marks
Question3: How an organization implements successful Career Management Practices? 5 marks.
Question5: What organization should do to use monitoring devices to control theft while not intimidating or invading the privacy of honest employees? 5 marks
Question6: How would you differentiate downward communication from upward communication? 5 Marks.
Question7: Describe the purpose of disability of employee benefits program. 3 marks
Question8: Why customer appraisal is important in measuring the quality of a company’s products? 3 marks
Question9: Briefly describe the interactionist view in Conflict Thought. 3 marks
Question10: Does any relationship exist between competency level and dependability of followers in a leadership process? 3 marks
Question11: What a trainer can do to derive trainee motivation before and during training course? 3 marks

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