Isl201 past paper | VU past paper | Isl201 past paper subjective 2023

VU final term exam includes half marks Objective & half including subjective. Mostly papers are repeated from past papers. So, students must read book content as well as past papers to get good grades in final term 2023. Here, some repeated questions of Isl201 are shared for preparation.

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Isl201 Subjective past paper 2023

Part 1

Question#1. Write three names of first book of “Sahi-Bukhari?

Question 2. Three names of Islamic University in Islamic Era?

Question 3. How companions of Holy Prophet S.W used to acquire knowledge?

Question4. Surah-e-Nisa ayah 36 Translation?

Question 5: Islamic Concept of Taqwa?

Question 6. Q1. What is Zakat?

Question 7. What are the aspects of getting Medical Education?

Question 8. Write contributions of any Muslim Mathematician.

Question 9.Explain the “Sharia”?

Part 2

Q1. Note on Equality of Humans means no discrimination (5)

Q2. Note on Honesty. (5)

Q3. Right of One Muslim to another w.r.t Hadith

Q4. Write note on Oneness of God or there exists more than one God. Justify (5)

Q5: Why unbelievers failed to follow the true faith?

Q6: Give hadith on verbal honesty.

Q7; write a note on right of ALLAH. Gratitude (shukar)

Q8: who are best and worst people in respect of anger in light of hadith.

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