How to improve Essay writing?

Essays are descriptive note on any topic including its prose and cones. Essay is a piece of written material at any topic in which introduction, definition, advantages, disadvantages & conclusions are added. These demonstrate all the reality of any about.

To improve essay writing, writer must follow the given steps:

  • Writer or the student must read the topic to be written thoroughly.
  • All important description must be collected.
  • Grammar grip is most important while writing English essays.
  • Essay must be heading based so that all the important ideas are described well.
  • Headings must include:


While writing an essay, first of all, the topic must be introduced. Introduction includes definition or the general familiarity with the given topic.

Description/Body of essay

                     Description is the body of the essay. It includes advantages and disadvantages or the comparisons. These describe all the information related to topic.


Conclusion is the result or sum up of all demonstrated topic. It concludes the topic and leaves an impact in positive/negative way.

  • The mistakes while writing essays must be avoided as:

Vague Ideas:

Ideas must be exact to the topic. Irrelevant ideas must not be considered to write solid material. Collect all important topics and then expand all ideas.


The repeated or similar ideas must be ignored. Only authentic ideas should be written.

Similar terms:

Avoid writing different terms relating one word in different sentences. Explore new ideas in each sentence.

Unsuitable words:

Only the relevant words should be used to write best essay. Don’t use words that are formal or informal.

Passive structure:

Use active voices. Avoid using indirect/passive voice sentences.


Conclusion must be written in descriptive form. It must not be written mere in two to three lines. It should sum up all described details.

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