e Learning Trends and future of education

As the world is revolutionised compared to the past due the inventions of modern technology. It has shifted the education system of developed state from simple to digital. Now, the modes of e learning education are more developed and on the fringe. e Learning has revolutionised and modernised the world. Now, developing countries are in e learning era. In traditional era, face to face classes were arranged and mode of education was so traditional. Then internet invention, its improvement and modes of access were not came into existence. As technology improved, the internet development also entered into a new phase.

“Research suggests that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.” 

World Economic Forum

Now each career contains opportunities of e learning for seeking facilities. e learning is the emerging digital tool that allows the professionals, teachers and students to meet online all across the globe. Educational system of developing countries emphasis on e learning education. Other perks like convenience of getting information, no bounding of time and no specific place to go for getting education or seeking objectives also promotes e learning education all across the world.

Pros and cons of e learning

e learning or online education does not requires any specific space. Students don’t need to go anywhere to the schools, educational centres or universities for the sake of getting education. Universities that provide online learning facilities provide students with online reading content like books, FAQs, summaries, short conceptual slides and pdf contents. They may learn any time they want. In this way, the arrangement of classes or space and professors everyday are not mandatory. Students may get education by self with the helping materials provided by their institutions. Because of online learning system, students just have the well organised digital room. In this way, e learning has shifted the traditional modes of getting education to a world class system where students may be enrolled from anywhere in the world and can seek from their arranged professors and can access easily academic resources.

Category of students

e learning education is deemed by the results that are beyond the barriers of time, space, cultural and racial differences. Over yonder, there are two main types of students. One of them are those who feel reliance in traditional type education system or we can say face to face arranged classes. Others are those who are better at their own. Some students feel cosy in reading handouts content. While others may be superlative listening audio recorded lectures or reading online contents. So, e learning is also important to be observed its benefits for all types students. Noteworthiness of the learnability cannot be overemphasised. Only well crafted learning content can be useful for the readers to perform better and read their goals.

e learning – Basic aspects

Basic e learning slants are as following:

Best e learning content

Improved technology to meet e learning goals

Quality of results after e learning setup

Federico Borges claimed:

” learners get frustrated due to a variety of reasons including the learning strategy used, lack of prompt feedback, the school culture, the learning material that was designed, and so on (Pandey, 2017)”.

Students mostly get tired of traditional learning styles or the features of educational syllabuses that are not well defined or they cannot understand easily. Written material that is used to study over a passage of time needs improvements and additions as the new developments occur. In this way, we can say that e learning provides readers with a variety of courses, described in multiple ways to read and understand. A reader don’t get bored or tired of the online educational content. As it was estimated that readers waste 40% of their time due to the frustrating experiences in their non interested courses.

e learning drawbacks

e learning provides student freedom of space and time. It provides opportunities to readers to get multiple ways of learning as they can seek easily. But a drawback of online education is that education is restricted to only reading or listening materials. Students cannot collaborate in societies because of lack of practical performances. They cannot participate in practical classes or we can say that they cannot perform what they learn. So, that by e learning education they cannot explore their personalities further. They cannot engage and discuss with others.

e learning and future development

e learning has revolutionised the whole education system all over the world. There are many reasons that emphasise over the importance of online education or e learning like:

It provides convenience of time and place.

Provides collaboration between students and world class teachers.

e learning provides with a number of learning resources.

More number of students can be enrolled instead of face to face classes.

e learning is affordable for many learners then to enrol for universities.

“The future of e-Learning is wide open! Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. It happens everywhere through a number of different channels.”

Eric Schuermann

One of the most important fact regarding e learning is that 59% online enrolled people have children and 50% employed. So, they are also benefited that they can carry their employment along with getting education online. We can say that education if it is online of traditional, is important for each individual to shift their life styles toward their best.

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