Dignity of Human | All Humans are born equal In dignity and human rights but they are in shackles everywhere | CSS Essay

A mysterious and strange world created by the human himself everywhere instead of being created free by the creator of all universes.

Islam says that all human are created freely with equal dignity which is also proven by Quran using the world of Karamah-Al Insan.

It manifests itself in an extra ordinary way that all human are equal instead they are religiously or physically same or different.

Human have equal rights of living free. They are free to express their opinions. They are free to contradict the conflicts. Human are independent to show their feelings against oppression. They are free in their choices. But instead of being created independent they are shackled everywhere.

If we deny the rights of others it means we are denying of the rights we own for ourselves. An individual is created for some special ambition. He thinks differently. His opinions may be different in accordance with his religion, culture and traditions.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

John F.

Dignity of Human:

Respect of human is compulsory which embodies our society. It isolates the human that may be neglected. Respect and sympathy are the rights of each human that are not favored by the society. These are the rights given naturally to the man. These assets are not purchased; these are equally given to each mankind.

Why human is shackled everywhere?

Shackles are the barrios made by human himself. These may be physical or religious barriers.

Shackles of Religion:

Religion is the belief or a fencing followed by man to live his life.

Codes of religion measure the rights of human. Some beliefs don’t give equal rights to all genders. There are also divisions among religions because of which some of them are considered superior to others. Men are considered more empowered than women. Women don’t get equal rights to get education and to work. In this way, it conflicts whole society. These barriers retract the basic human rights.

Dignity of human rights in religion Islam:

Islam gives equal rights to whole humanity. It teaches to behave well to non-Muslims, poor and powerless.

It gives equal rights to women. They can get education and express their opinions.

Islam gives equal basic rights to poor because the base of judgment in Islam is according to the piousness. It is not based upon the standards.

Human rights are not a privilege granted by the few, they are a liberty entitled to all, and human rights, by definition, include the rights of all humans, those in the dawn of life, the dusk of life, or the shadows of life.

Kay Granger

Shackles of society:

Society is the code of principles that is followed and made by human. It gives a complete code to live according to the codes otherwise it is conflicted or divided.

It empowers the human while some of its codes may be ridiculous, worth living for others.

Fear or expression and the darkness of ignorance can only be demolished by giving equal rights to all human of all religions and races with in a society. Society is made by living the people of different believe. So, everyone must have the freedom of expression.

Shackles of Racism:

Racism is prejudice or antagonism against person or the group of people or the institute on the basis of racial, religious or ethnical differences.

Racism originally targets minorities.

It is also the division of human along with their rights.

It divides the society into classes and standards in which higher standards are treated especially while the rights of lower standard or sub-standards are oppressed.

All these shackles are made by the man himself.

A good society is cultivated by ensuring the equal rights. Allah Almighty created all men equally but mankind divided himself into groups.

The fear of expression is denying of admitting the rights of others. It will cultivate a society having different roots.

A peaceful society always ensures the equality because societies are based on equality.

Our beloved Holy Prophet S.W laid a great stress over equality. He said that man and woman both are created by same entity. Both man and women have equal rights to be rewarded for their work.

Superiority before Allah is based upon the character and piousness.

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