Defense Day Motivational Speech

Honorable Guests:

6th September is celebrated as defense day, Youm-e-Difa which memorizes us about unforgettable sacrifices of martyrs died fighting for the grace of their country.

Respectable listeners, if we have a sight over the history in the past, 6th September 1965 were the day India attacked Pakistan during night. Pakistan’s brave army, air force & Naval forces participated in the war & strive for splendor of Pakistan.

“Main purpose if Indian invasion was to occupy Lahore. Did they succeed in their purpose?

The answer in No! Pakistan army defeated them showing unbeatable courage & enthusiasm. We salute them for this bravery & pray for them May Allah encourage them more!”

Pakistan is a land of Martyrs!

Because a lot of people sacrificed their lives to uplift their country. Today we are enjoying freedom because of those martyrs. The entire world knows that in 1965, how the fearless, courageous and daring tigers of Pakistan Army squash the planned, organized and secret aggression of the enemy. They tied bombs & feel no fear in their hearts while fighting for their motherland.

A nation always determines its destiny by the action it performs. Courage, Energy & intelligence are the three main attributes of defense & Pakistani nation adopted all these things. Pakistani martyrs determined the destiny for a free nation. Pakistan armed forces are protecting country’s border & they are always active for any internal or foreign invasion by enemies. They ensure that protection is not the threat to peace; it is the guarantee of peace.

Why to Celebrate 6th September?

The change of guard ceremony takes place at Quaid’s tomb, where the cadets of PAF academy present the Guard of Honor and take the charge.

6th September is celebrated as defense day in Pakistan to admire & memorize the sacrifices of soldiers in defending their country. It memorizes the courage & bravery of nation defending against 1965 invasion.

We should always be ready for the sake of country to defend it from any disaster & invasion. Nation being united can uplift country. May Allah progress our beloved motherland by leaps & bounds!

Quotes & Wishes about Defense day

May Pakistan’s defense remains unshakable forever. Happy Defense Day. My heartiest salute to the martyrs of Pakistan

“To the unknown soldier…….. “Underneath That rich soil, is a richer dust concealed” May ALLAH Almighty accept the SHAHADAT of all Shuhadas & always bless their sacred souls in Heaven”

“6th Sep 1965 when Pakistan Army & whole nation did a successful defense against India that marked the ceasefire in the 1965 war on 6 September. HAPPY DEFENCE DAY MOTHERLAND! Long Live Pakistan & Pak Army”

“Remembering 65, a tale of a newly born nation that knew how to safeguard its borders, long live Pakistan. Happy Defense Day”

“Youm-e-Difa, a day to pay tribute to the martyrs & ghazis of the 1965 war (RIP). #DefenceDay is example of discipline, professionalism & patriotism of Pakistan Armed Forces. We salute their bravery because they serve without questioning”.

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