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As it is obligatory for CSS candidates to have a complete grip over all important subjects related to CSS like English, English Comprehension, Islamic studies, science, current affairs and Pakistan’s affairs.

FPSC every year announces the syllabus every year in Feb to aware the candidates qualifying for CSS.

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 Mostly, students lack the necessary information for subject selection in a short period of time through the FPSC CSS syllabus.

There are two categories of CSS syllabus as described below:

           Subjects                              Marks

    English Essay                              100

   English (Precise & Composition)   100

  General Science & Ability               100

    Current Affairs                              100

    Pakistan Affairs                            100

All these are compulsory subjects and students must have to qualify in all these.

Group 1To select one subject of 200 marks only.

Code NoSubjectsMarks
11Accountancy & Auditing200
13Computer Science200
14Political Science200
15International Relations200

Group 2To select 1 subject of 200 or 2 subjects of 100 marks.

Code NoSubjectsMarks
18Applied Mathematics100
19Pure Mathematics100
Group 3To select one subject of 100 marks only. Code No Subjects Marks 22 Business Administration 100 23 Public Administration 100 24 Governance & Public Policies 100 25 Town Planning & Urban Management 100   Group 4: To select one subject of 100 marks only. Code No Subjects Marks 26 History of Pakistan & India 100 27 Islamic History & Culture 100 28 British History 100 29 European History 100 30 History of USA 100  

These are the optional subjects to be chosen by candidates as per their own choices.

Percentage that must be qualified in written exam must be 50%.

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