CSS Special test Preparation 2024| one word Substitution | CSS past paper 2023

CSS special exam is going to held in first week of February 2024. Students have enough time to enhance their knowledge. In CSS written exam all compulsory & optional subjects are included in descriptive form. Past papers are mostly repeated in each year exam. For descriptive essays on important topics visit


One word substitutions from past papers are given in the table. These terms must be learnt by candidates for preparation of CSS exam.

One Word Substitution

A person who knows everything Omniscient
One who speaks lessReticent
One who believes in God Theist
A person who is above hundred yearsCentenarian
One who loves mankindPhilanthropist
One who is unable to pay his debts Insolvent
One who know many languagesPolyglot
One who is indifferent to pleasure or painStoic
One who looks on bright side of things Optimist
One who eats too muchGlutton
A list of books Catalogue
A handwriting that can’t be readIllegible
People living at the same time Contemporaries
One who believes in fateFatalist
One who looks on dark side of things Pessimist
A person difficult to pleaseFastidious
A book written by an unknown authorAnonymous
A thing that is fit to be eatenEdible
Work for which no salary is paidHonorary
A person who can’t read or writeIlliterate
A thing no longer in useObsolete
An office with high salary but no workSinecure
One who loves booksBibliophile
One who can’t be correctedIncorrigible

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