CSS Special Exam 2024

CSS special exam is basically written test CSS held after MPT. MPT is the MCQs based test that was taken in May 2023 for opting the qualifying students in MPT test for written CSS exam or special exam.

CSS test date is announced each year by Federal Public Service Commission FPSC in February. This exam consists of two basic categories:

MCQs based Preliminary test (MPT):

MPT is held each year after the submission of forms by the participating candidates in the competitive CSS exam. MPT is held in May and its result is announced in July. It consists of 300 MCQs based questions. 120 marks are necessary to qualify for special CSS exam. MPT is held to judge the basic knowledge of candidates.

Special CSS/ Written CSS Exam:

Special CSS exam is based on Essays and descriptive questions. After passing CSS MPT exam, student have a lot of time to prepare their minds and enhance their knowledge for written exam. Written exam is generally taken in February. It consists basic compulsory subjects like English, Islamic Studies, General Science & History. It also includes optional subjects that are given in the CSS Syllabus 2024 https://stdycorner.com/

After this special exam, the qualifying students having more than 50% marks in whole exam are opted for the announced vacancies in all districts by FPSC.

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