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Most important MCQs for all PAF/NTS/AFNS/LC/NAVY/CSS competitive test preparations. MCQs are mostly repeated in each test. Here some Pak study MCQs are shared with all candidates applying for any test 2023/2024.

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Pak-Studies MCQs

  1. Karez is the irrigation system of which province of Pakistan? A. Punjab B. Sindh C. KPK D. Balochistan
  2. In which year MAO school was upgraded to the status of college ?

Answer: 1877

3. Which of the following is not associated with UNO

Answer: ASEAN

4. How many countries are members of European union:

Answer: 27

5. Who delivered the presidential address at Allahabad in 1930

Allama Iqbal

6. Who is writer of Urdu book “Pakistan Naguzeer tha”?

Syed Hassan Riaz

7. The largest Island of the world is


8. What is the name of parliament of Australia?


9. Which state is known as “Buffer state of Asia”?


10. Who was the fourth Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Chaudhary Muhammd Ali

11. Who was the founder of Pakistan People’s party?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

12. Who was, at one time, called “ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity”?


13. The largest export crop of Pakistan is


14. The first Muslim Woman to receive Noble Price in 2003

Shirin Ebadi

15. Most of Pakistan’s river flow into which river


16. Which continent is without Glaciers


17. When Nawaz Shareef became prime minister for first time

November 6, 1990

18. Who was the opponent of Ayub Khan in the presidential election of 1965

Fatima Jinnah

19. Which Governor general prepared a plan for the division of India & approve it from the British

Lord Mount Batten

20. American president Joe Bidden belongs to which party


21. Which gas attack was used by Germans in world war-1

Chlorine gas

22. When did Soviet Union official break up

December 26, 1991

23. When were the citizens of FATA region given the right of vote


24. The moto of united nation organization UNO is

It’s your world!

25.Hosni Mubarak was the ruler of which country


26. Who was the prime minister of Pakistan in 1998

Nawaz Shareef

27. Sultan Azlan Shah cup is associated to which game


28. Astana is the capital of which country?


29. Paper currency was first issued by which country


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