CSS Exam date 2024

CSS Exam is announced every year by FPSC and dates are announced so that aspirants may prepare themselves for CSS exam. The basic achievement of CSS test is the selection of able officers for different posts.

CSS exam 2024

CSS test 2024 has been announced by FPSC which is based on two categories:

  1. CSS MCQs based preliminary test (MPT): 1st week of October 2023
  2. CSS written test : 1st week of February 2024

CSS MCQs based preliminary test


MPT is the MCQs based preliminary test of students who apply for CSS exam. It consists of MCQs. Students must have to pass this screening MPT test to qualify for written exam CSS. MPT 2023 will be taken in first week of October.

MPT test the information and knowledge of candidates in various fields of General science and ability, current affairs, Pakistan’s affairs, Islamic studies etc.

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             CSS written test Exam date                                                   


After passing MPT test the qualified students will go through a written test. It will be comprehensive and descriptive.

Student must have a bundle of knowledge in various fields. Written test will cover subjects such as English essays, General knowledge, Current affairs, Pakistan’s affairs and optional subjects chosen by candidates.

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Written test 2024 is scheduled in first week of February. There is a lot of time granted to students to prepare their test and enhancing skills with eager at their level best.

Candidates must allocate sufficient time to all subjects for best preparation of CSS Exam 2024.

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