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Most important CSS essay topics that are repeated each year. English Essays include 100 marks in written exam. So, it is most important point to learn the political updates, current & International affairs, topics related to Science & Technology. Essay topics also include Economics, Education, Water, Energy, Poverty, Good Governance, Justice, Disasters & Pakistan.

These given topics will help CSS aspirants to enhance their knowledge through handouts learning & reading online. You can find all given Essay topics from past papers. After understanding all aspects of the topic, you must read daily news, Pakistan’s affairs & highlight the gathered online content.

English Vocabulary is also important while writing CSS Essays. You must learn the complex vocabulary to improve your English. You should learn on daily basis. Must focus on sentence making. Practice daily, test yourself, highlight your mistakes & make them correct.

Most important Essay topics from past papers


  1. The future of democracy in Pakistan (2009)
  2. Democracy is a culture rather than a process ( 2012)
  3. Devolution of Power in Pakistan (2001)
  4. Women Empowerment (2002)
  5. Democracy & illiteracy can’t go together (2019)
  6. Democracy in Pakistan: Hopes & Hurdles (2018)
  7. Digital Democracy: Social Media (role) & Political participation


  1. The purification of politics is an iridescent dream.(2000)
  2. Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary (2002)
  3. Personalization of Pakistani Politics (2006)
  4. Politics is the art of possible (2007)
  5. Not economy but politics is the key to success (2013)
  6. Polarized politics: Challenges of democracy in Pakistan (2020)

Science & Technology

  1. Advancement in science & technology is the gateway to economic prosperity of country
  2. The suffering soul in scientific age (2012)
  3. Emerging power of social media (2018)
  4. Expanding information technology: A curse or blessing (2019)
  5. Is Pakistan ready for digital technology (2020)
  6. Human inventions move the society backward (2021)
  7. People have become overly dependent on technology (2023)
  8. Not are recycling projects are cost affective (2023)


  1. Economic Problems in Pakistan & hoe to meet them?
  2. Economic prosperity is directly related to literacy (2001)
  3. Socio-Economic challenges faced by Pakistan (2005)
  4. Foreign direct investment in Pakistan (2005)
  5. New war fronts lie in economic zone? (2019)
  6. IMF & economy of Pakistan (2017)
  7. Not economy but politics is key to success (2018)
  8. IMF bailouts
  9. Human development & economic stability


  1. need for serious planning of technical education in Pakistan
  2. Reforms in education system (2005)
  3. Co education: Merits & demerits (2009)
  4. A critical analysis of education system in Pakistan (2012)
  5. English as medium of education in Pakistan (2009)
  6. Higher education in Pakistan (2019)
  7. Higher science education in developing countries (2002)
  8. Meaning purposive education (2017)
  9. Women Empowerment (2022)


  1. We never the worth of water till the well is dry (2000)
  2. Water Crisis: Causes & Effects


  1. Water & energy crisis in Pakistan
  2. Energy crisis in Pakistan: Causes & Consequences


  1. Alleviation of Poverty
  2. Strategies for alleviation of poverty
  3. Moral depravity is root cause of poverty

Good Governance

Good governance & role of public servant

Public office is a public trust

Crisis of good governance in Pakistan


Food crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan is rich in mineral resources but poor in management

China- Pakistan economic corridor

Promoting tourism in Pakistan

Global Warming & Climate change

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