CSS BOOKS | Books for CSS | Books for CSS test 2023-2024

CSS exam 2024 registration will be done in August 2023. MPT exam will be in October 2023 & descriptive exam is expected to be held in February 2024. Candidates can study MPT & descriptive exam material online at


For complete guideline CSS test 2024 visit


Most Important Books for CSS exam

Students must read books along with reading online content. Following books are suggested for best CSS exam preparation.


  1. Cracking the SAT by Princeton Review (for grammar)
  2. Barron’s GRE word list for Precis MCQs
  3. Precis writing by R. Dhillon


  1. An introduction to Islam by DR. Hamidullah
  2. O level Islamiat by Farkhanda Noor Muhammad
  3. Caravan Islamic studies by Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai (use only for outline & to structure your answers)
  4. Visit https://stdycorner.com/ for MCQs & Ayat online reading for best preparation

Pakistan Affairs

  1. Trek to Pakistan by Ahmad Saeed (for pre-partition)
  2. Pakistan: A new History by Ian Talbot( for post partition)

Current Affairs

  1. Dawn Newspaper (read daily)
  2. Foreign Affair magazine
  3. Use websites such as Brooking institution & Councils for foreign relations

Note: Don’t spend too much time reading newspapers. Read just selective topics.

General Science & Ability

Use to learn MCQs given at https://stdycorner.com/ & other online contents.

For general ability use indiabix.com


  1. Principles of Microeconomics by Mankiw
  2. Principles of Macroeconomics by Mankiw
  3. Macroeconomics by Bernanke (Only 2 chapters)
  4. Development economics by Tadaro (few)
  5. Pakistan’s economy issues online content

Political Science

  1. Introduction to political science by Mazhar ul Haq
  2. Western political thought by Judd Harmon
  3. Muslim Political thought by Aslam Chaudhary
  4. World Constitutions
  5. Pakistan’s affairs online content
  6. Foreign policy of Pakistan

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