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Is ABC limited legally obligated to produce annual accounts as a publicly traded company?

Answer: The legal requirements for producing annual accounts as a publicly traded company can vary depending upon its jurisdiction. If it includes the process of annual account production in the term on which company operates then its legal. Some companies share annual accounts of their shareholder. These can also disclose the share accounts. In many countries, some companies are legally obligated to produce & disclose the annual accounts of shareholders, regulatory authorities & public.

Annual accounts typically includes all of the financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements & informative documents about company’s financial performance, position & cash flow during reporting period.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for annual accounts can vary depending on factors such as company’s size, industry & applicable laws & regulations in the circle where it operates. Publically traded companies are often subject to additional disclosure requirements & financial reporting standards imposed by securities regulator or stock exchange.

Question 2  

Can public access the file containing ABC limited annual accounts?

Answer: In some countries, its legal because some companies like Security & Exchange Commission SEC shares its annual accounts online or through public registers when available to local public in United Kingdom. These are shared by regularity authorities.  It all depends upon the jurisdictions in which a company works.

In addition to public filings, some companies also public their annual accounts on their corporate websites. This allows shareholders, investors & general public to access and review financial information.

However, it is important to know that the sensitive information such as trade secrets or the details related to company’s competitive position may be omitted from the record shared publically about annual accounts.

So, it becomes easy for general public to access the annual financial record on the company’s official websites.

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