CS609 past papers | Most important questions of Cs609| VU Cs609 past paper

  • Vu exam consists of MCQs, short and descriptive questions.
  • Students can prepare themselves for the best in vu exam by reading past papers.
  • Before reading past papers, students must read throughout content from handouts.
  • Exam consists of 30% mid and 70% remaining content which also include repeated questions.

Cs609 past paper

Short Questions

  1. Two advantages of window over DOS.
  2. Write down about filter expression.
  3. Utility of windows registry.

Long Questions

  1. Write a c/c++ code snippet to get current system date & time in UTC.
  2. Dw desired access in option () & its two values.
  3. C/c++ for try for exception termination.

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