Essay on Computer

Computer is an electronic machine of highest efficiency. Charles Babbage created first mechanical computer that performed many tasks. Computer has been used by mankind since many decades. As time passed, many new modifications make the use of computer easy. Now, this electronic machine is being used in many fields of life like in offices, in agricultural fields, designing, machinery making and defense. We can say that computers are the tools for communication and creativity.

History of Computer

History of computer began with the development of abacus. Computer is said to be the most simplest calculating device. It was developed about 3000 years ago when it was just a wooden frame with many parallel wires. Set was beads was there in each loop that was marked with numbers. However, Charles Babbage is known as the “Father of modern computer”. It is also stated that computers were also present in world war II used for keeping data. In very start of computer development, these were very large and heavy.

Working of Computer

In start, computer was considered very fast calculating machine. Mainly, it works in three steps including Input, process & Out put. We instruct computer by writing something we want, this in input. CPU processes it and show our relevant results that is considered out put.

“Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.”

–Donald Knuth, the “father of analysis of algorithms”

Computer saves data in files that can be stored over a long time span. Instead of writing something, these are now being used in offices to keep store all data in an organized form.

Components of computer

Computer basically consists of many basic parts that work to perform any action. Main parts of computer include Keyboard, CPU, Mouse while there are still many others that can be connected to it any time for obtaining specific objectives like Printer, Scanner etc.

“The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories. People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.”

–Marc Andreessen, Entrepreneur, inventor of Netscape

Uses of Computer

Computer is the use of this modern era. Now, every field has use of computer for many purposes. Computers sort out all problems to solve in an easy way. Some of computer uses and its importance in many fields are discussed below.

Uses of computer in field of Medical:

Computers are used in medical field to run many tests, to diagnose the diseases, to find cure of deadly diseases. Computers are also used to get help in therapy. Information system of hospitals, medical imaging laboratory and medicine data analysis all engage use of computer.

Computers are also used in medical equipment for medical tests like CT Scan, MRI, ECG, blood test. It also keep medical records of all patients in hospitals that can be assessed easily.

Use of computer in research field

Use of computer in medical research, social research and space research is of worth importance. Instead we can say that computer has become a crucial part part of any type research. In medical field it is used for researching the treatment of many diseases, research of their causes and cure. Researchers can easily take computers anywhere with them to record and get a large data over their research topics.

Computer helps in finding space facts and technologies for exploring space. To endure various threats, engineers build space craft designs by using computer.

Use of computer in defense

Defense is the matter of existence for each state. Computers are also used in defense for keeping criminal records of enemies & weapon & missiles record.

In short, we can say that computers has revolutionized our society as a whole. Each field of life is taking help by using computers in different forms either in mainframe computers or laptops. Each person must be aware by the use of computer so that he may understand everything in a smarter way.

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