Class 11 Math’s Chapter 4 Solution

Quadratic Equations

Summary of all Exercises

  • Introduction
    • Solutions of Quadratic Equations
    • Exercise 4.1
  • Solutions of Equations Reducible to the Quadratic Equation
    • Exercise 4.2
    • Exercise 4.3
  • Three Cube Roots of Unity
    • Properties of Cube Roots of Unity
  • Four Fourth Roots of Unity
    • Properties of Four Fourth Roots of Unity
    • Exercise 4.4
  • Polynomial Function
  • Theorems
  • Synthetic Division
    • Exercise 4.5
  • Relations between the Roots and the Coefficients of a Quadratic Equation
  • Formation of an Equation whose Roots are given
    • Exercise 4.6
  • Nature of the Roots of Quadratic Equation
    • Exercise 4.7
  • System of two Equations Involving two Variables
    • Exercise 4.8
    • Exercise 4.9
  • Problems on Quadratic Equations
    • Exercise 4.10

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Exercise 4.2Download PDF
Exercise 4.3Download PDF
Exercise 4.4Download PDF
Exercise 4.5Download PDF
Exercise 4.6Download PDF
Exercise 4.7Download PDF
Exercise 4.8Download PDF
Exercise 4.9Download PDF
Exercise 4.10Download PDF
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