Class 11 Math’s Chapter 2 Solution

Math’s is an interesting subject which use to study from our start of educational phase. It is quite interesting as well as conceptual that we can not solve each question of mathematics without having a proper concept or mathematical laws. We have to practice a lot for being a professional at solving math’s questions.

Class 11 math’s subject is a compulsory subject but a lot of student feel difficult in summation of it’s questions. A little mistake can make our whole solution wrong. It needs a lot of practice. It’s obvious that if you are a student or a lecturer, you can find best and easiest solution of class 11 math’s here. By seeking help here, you can solve your concepts in a quick and most simplest way.

Chapter# 2

Sets, Functions and Groups

Contents & summary


Exercise 2.1

  • Operations on Sets
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Exercise 2.2
  • Operations on Three Sets
  • Properties of Union and Intersection
  • Exercise 2.3
  • Inductive and Deductive Logic
    • Aristotelian and non-Aristotelian logics
    • Symbolic Logic
  • Implication or Conditional
    • Biconditional : p↔q�↔�
    • Conditionals related with a given Conditional.
    • Tautologies
    • Quantifiers
  • Exercise 2.4
  • Truth Seats, A Link between Set Theory and Logic
  • Exercise 2.5
  • Relations
  • Functions
    • Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • Inverse of a Function
  • Exercise 2.6
  • Binary Operations
    • Properties of Binary Operations
  • Exercise 2.7
  • Groups
  • Solution of Linear Equations
  • Reversal Law of Inverses
  • Exercise 2.8

Download PDF of All Chapter 2 Exercises

Exercise 2.110 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.24 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.39 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.44 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.54 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.64 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.77 QuestionsDownload PDF
Exercise 2.810 QuestionsDownload PDF
All exercises solution for Class 11 Math’s chapter 2 are given in pdf files above. You can also practice questions or prepare notes for chapter 2 consulting these files.

If you are preparing your final exam then you can also get past paper question including past paper MCQs for class 11 math’s chapter 2 here. In fact, we make it easier for you to prepare whole chapter in most easiest form. Short questions and MCQs from all Boards past papers of class 11 math’s are also given below. You can practice these question to be aware of paper pattern and types of questions asked in final term exam.

Math’s chapter 2 Short Questions

Download Short Question PDF

Download MCQs pdf

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