Class 11 Chapter#1 Math’s Solution

Chapter # 1

Number Systems

Contents & summary of Chapter # 1

  • Rational numbers and irrational numbers.
  • Properties of real numbers.
  • Complex numbers.
    • Operation on complex numbers
    • Complex numbers as ordered pairs of real numbers
    • Properties of the fundamental operations on complex numbers
    • A special subset of C�
  • The real line
    • Real plane or coordinate plane
    • Geometrical representation of complex numbers, the complex plane
    • To find real and imaginary parts of (i) (x+iy)n(�+��)� (ii) (x1+iy1x2+iy2)n,x2+iy2≠0

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Class 11 chapter 1 PDF solutions

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Chapter 1 Short questions/ MCQs

If you want to practice your first chapter of Class 11 math’s then you can assess yourself by the question mentioned below. You can assess your preparation after solving three given exercises above. These questions are given for your self assessment. If you want to prepare objective type, then solved MCQs are also give.

Class 11 math’s Chapter#1 MCQs

These MCQs are given from text book of class 11 Math’s. Some MCQs are given from past papers of different boards so that you also acknowledge the type of paper for your final exam.

Class 11 Math’s short questions

These short questions are also given from past papers. You can assess your preparation by solving these questions. Almost 64 questions are given from all past papers taken in all Punjab board examinations.

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