Challenges faced by Pakistan | Socio-Economic challenges faced by Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic country possessing an adventurous history of socio-economic challenges.

Pakistan has been facing extremism, social and political conflicts and intolerance of diversity since its creation. Pakistan is still striving to get rid of major economic challenges and resolving conflicts to smoothen their way of development.

Wide spread economic instability, security concerns and political conflicts plagued the country to adventurous social and economic shifts. All these uncertainties hinder the way of progress. Pakistan is making remarkable efforts to solve the tragedies and be in the list of developed countries by reducing poverty hence increasing the economic GDP.

Human Development:

For progressing as a whole, it is important to make individuals development. By concerning the way to this bleak, country can make enormous social and economic progress.

Main socio-economic Challenges faced by Pakistan by all times are as following:

  1. Less imports and exports
  2. Weak infrastructure policies
  3. Political Conflicts
  4. Illiteracy
  5. Poverty
  6. Unemployment
  7. Health and Educational issues

If it becomes a solid belief that individual development can reduce instability of country then most of the issue will be resolved.

Challenges and way forward:

Unfortunately, Government usually doesn’t concern the major educational and health issues in Pakistan. These are the major issues for individual development in Pakistan that are neglected.

Governmental policies are based on conventional ways of dealing with these two issues. All children must be put into schools so that the illiteracy rate may reduce. Educating the individuals can be useful for economic stabilization. Environment of education and health must be first priority of authorities. Higher education policies should be integrated internationally by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The political conflicts put the development of country on stake of risk. In political conflicts, there is difference in expression of an opinion which put some developmental ideas at edge of an end. While doing politics, favorable concern to the progress of country must not be neglected.

Political conflicts are the major reason hindering the uplift of country from the creation of Pakistan.

Democracy is the best way getting rid of it. As political authorities are the public trusts so these must be used for the progress of nation. Stability in political activities can be useful for coping with social and economic challenges faced by Pakistan.

Poverty is also a big challenge faced by this country. Main reason of poverty is illiteracy. People are not highly educated or qualified at their skills. Because of which unemployment is resulted. Individual cannot fulfill their social and economic meets.

Pakistan is an agricultural country and its economic development is based on agricultural development. It must be prior to increase exports rather than imports. It will uplift the economy.

Government should concern and resolve these challenges to improve the economic graph of Pakistan. It will reduce the necessity debts and country will progress by striving itself.

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