BT605 past paper 2023 |Objective + Subjective

Most repeated questions from past papers are given for preparation of BT605. You must read handout content as well as past papers because by reading past paper BT605 you may come to know the paper pattern & type of question asked in coming paper BT605.


Objective Questions BT605

  1. AFIA abbreviation? • America Feed Industry Association
  2. Which is used as bioweapon anthrax
  3. Cybernetic means “governance’’

4. ________________is required to import/export /sale/purchase genetically modified food License from federal agency

5- Risk assessment scheme assess potential hazard Scoring system

 6- Permission for food stuff is necessary for ingredients of food stuff, additives, processing aid

 7- Function of biosafety collaborating counter is Applied biosafety programs and traning

8- Fire extinguisher have 4 classes

9- Favr savr tomato 1994 genetically modified tomato

 10- Which is harmful for human lead, mercury, gold and arsenic (not sure)

 11- To hack attacker are viruses worms and Torin horses and all

 12- a suit laboratory personnel must wear positive pressure air protective suit bSI4

 13- which is not fire A. Heat Oxygen C. Fuel D. Oil

14-Indian GMO’s are also called Alien species

 15- Obstacles are except 1. multiple locks 2. fireproof safes 3. water sprinkles 4. Lighting 16-treatment via gene therpy

1. Leukemia 2. Hemophilia 3. Down syndrome 4. cystic fibrosis

 17-Internal transport is except

 1. shipping 2. movement from / to restricted area within facility 3. involve persnol from lab 4. Carriers

BT605 most important subjective type questions are given in below. These are most repeated questions from past papers. You may get good marks by reading these past paper questions.

BT605 subjective 2023

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