BIO732 past paper | Bio732 final term paper 2023

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Bio732 questions are mostly repeated in each exam. Why to read Bio732 past paper? The answer to this question is that it is important to read past paper questions along with handouts content because by reading Bio732 past paper you will know all about the question pattern in coming exam. You will be confident to take your paper Bio732 by reading mostly repeated questions in each exam.

Bio-732 gene manipulation and genetic engineering

1. Principle of nested PCR and applications of real time PCR.
2. Multiplex PCR
3.difference between linkage & physical map
4.Why archea is preferred for cloning?
5. Four strategies to transform animal cells?
6. Advantage of drought resistance transgenic crops
9. Principle of spotted DNA arrays
10.fragments produced by digestion of p1258 & pSc101 with ecoR1
11. Useful advantage of microinjection i transformation in animal
12. Name of two types of DNA arrays
13. Segregation instability of plasmid


 1 which enzyme is used for attachment of phosphate group
2 which of the following is natural plasmid
3. In…. detection of DNA is from environmental sample of microbial colonies
4. Which DNA moves faster (linear, circular, supercoiled etc)
5.genome is the organism’s complete ( RNA, DNA etc)
6. It was not possible to cleave genome before (1970)
7. Agarose is obtained from?
8. Nomenclature for restriction endonucleases was given by
9. Pbr 325 shows resistance against?
10.In vitro packaging of phage lambda produce how many plaques?
11. Lambda zap is a
12. Which library has more shelf life?
13. CDNA lack (intron exons etc

Long Questions.

1 what are the three properties of plasmid as vector

2. How many fragments are produced by cutting with psc101

3. what are four cloning strategies

4. Functional complementation and example in animals

5. Which two vectors are used in immunological screening n their insertion site

6. What type of resistance does p1258 show?

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