Bio401 past paper | Bio403 final term paper 2023

Bio401 & Bio403 past paper questions are given here. For more past paper keep visiting this website.

Bio401 & Bio403 questions are mostly repeated in each exam. Why to read Bio401 & Bio403 past papers? The answer to this question is that it is important to read past paper questions along with handouts content because by reading Bio401 & Bio403 past paper you will know all about the question pattern in coming exam. You will be confident to take your paper Bio401 & Bio403 by reading mostly repeated questions in each exam.

bt401 final term 2023

How viability can be calculated in cryopreservation?
What are advantages of Tissue culture?
Write Forest genetic resources?
Who is responsible for botanical garden?
Objectives of CBD?
Names of physical growth limitations in median term storages?
Extreme weather effect on invertebrate genetic resources
limitations of cryopreservation
5 marks question related FGR
Effect of climate change on FGR

Bt403 Final term paper

1. What is constant flow system in microinjection 2 marks
2. How GM add more nutritional value to crops 2 marks 
3. Why lettuce is used over tobacco for human therapeutic protein system 2 marks
4. Advantages of DNA based marker. 3 marks
5. Advantages of insect resistant sweet corn. 3 marks
6. Types of pesticides poisoning. 3 marks
7. Role of flavonoids in plants 5 plants
8. What is germoplasmic preservation?
9. Genetic engineering how effect on the environment. 5 marks
10. Types of tissue culture 10 marks

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