Bio301 past paper 2023 | VU past papers 2023

VU final terms include 30% mid-term syllabus & 70% rest of the syllabus.

Paper pattern includes 24 MCQs, 15 short & 4 long questions. The number of questions may vary in each paper. All questions must be attempted to get good grades.

It is necessary to pass mid-term paper to appear in final term. If a student does not appear in mid-term or fail to get passing grades because of any reason, then final term paper is also considered as fail. Missed papers are rescheduled after exam. So, students can apply for rescheduling through their LMS student services.

For biology paper attempt, students may use paint to form structures of biological molecules. Best attempt and ideological description is marked well otherwise repeated steps are marked lower grades. SO, description must be logical and define.

Short Questions

  1. Name any 10 amino acids?
  2. Structure of protein
  3. Define chromosomes?
  4. Types of chromosomes according to centromere location?
  5. Role of MgCl2 in PCR?
  6. Use of EDTA in gel electrophoresis?
  7. Define mutation?

Long Questions

Lysis of erythrocyte in RNA?

Types of PCR? Define hot start PCR & Nested PCR?

Write brief note on suppression mutation?

Describe Down’s syndrome?

Definition & process of polymerase chain reaction?

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