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Download all vu past papers of your related subjects here. Past papers include most repeating questions that may be included in your coming exam. So, must learn these past paper questions along with handout content.

Bio204 past paper most important objective & subjective questions are given in the content below. Download Bio204 past paper for final term preparation. Past papers acknowledge you about the type of given questions in exam along with the paper pattern. Here Bio204 descriptive question are given for preparation of Bio204 final term.

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BIO204 Current Final term Papers

  1. Del factor calculate (2)
  2. freezing dry(2)
  3. how sterilization produce exhaust air.(3)
  4. filter sterilization in detail.(10)
  5. discuss the batch culture and continuous culture.
  6. write down the effects increasing sterilization time
  7. On product yield and nutrient quality of medium?(3)
  8. What is requirement for the sterilization of animal cell culture?(3)
  9. How the pH controlled in fermenter ?Briefly discuss?(5)
  10. Write any five effluent
  11. disposal methods.?(5)
  12. Write advantages and disadvantages separate medium sterilization
  13. vessel.?(10)
  14. What is sterilization?(2)
  15. What is freeze drying. Write it advantage?(2

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