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Most important BIO203 repeated questions from past papers. You can also find the question types asked in final exams.

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Subjective Questions Bio203

When does RFLP occur.(2 )

Principle of PCR in clinical Microbiology.(2)

Benefits is secondary antibodies in Western blot (2)

Characteristics of SNPs(3)

Methods of joining DNA fragments.(3)

DNA Lligase activity(3)

DNA fingerprinting in diagnosing and developing cure inherit disorders(5)

Comprehensive note on differ type of( R-M ) restriction modification system (5)

Methods to transfer DNA on membrane and procedure for upward transfer of DNA (5)

Write the name of solid support and hybridizing components of immobilize DNA in southern blotting?

What is SNP?

Enlist enzymes involved in DNA modification?

What is principle mechanism of DNA ligase activity?

What is principle of southern blotting and how DNA is cleaved?

What is haplatype?

How does haplatype co relate with phenotype?

Write a comprehensive note on different types of restriction and modification system?

Enlist methods to transfer the DNA on to membrane moreover what is the procedure for upward transfer of DNA?


Method of DNA fingerprinting

Western blotting..

Smith and Nathan’s nomenclature about enzyme restriction.

BIO203 Descriptive questions from past papers

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