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Bio201 Final Term paper

What is Chargaff rule ?

Differentiate between pyrimidines and purines ?

Enlist requirement for polymerases ?

DNA replication ?

Conservative replication ?

Semi-conservative replication ?

Genetic map ?

ER signal guides ER by which of two components?

Polypeptide and aneuploid?

Adult stem cells and theirs beneficial and therapeutic uses ?

What is stem cell and its benefits and therapeutic uses.?

Three steps of RNA processing?

How nuclear transformation occur in the sheep process..?

Homonymic and hetrotypic types and how they formed..?

GTF-beta receptors describe mechanism..?10 marks

note on cell cycle..?10

name the antibody of the B cells..?

Mechanism of the olfiction receptors..?

Elaborate the mechanism of growth promoting mechanism of oncogenes. 10 marks

The endoplasmic Reticulum is gaudier to ER by which 2 components. 2 marks

How G protein involved in formation of GDP? 2 marks

Elaborate the cell cycle. 10 marks.

How sheep is cloned by the nuclear material. Explain it by all steps. 5 marks

Write three steps of RNA processing. 3 marks.

Write synapse and its steps involved in the mechanism. 5 marks

inhibitors that binds to the active side of enzymes are

inhibitors that bind to the non active side of enzymes are

ER single sequence is guided to the ER by which of the two components?. Write the name of

antibody that appear on the surface of developing B cell?. What is the role of regulatory region

.Describe the two signaling functions of N-terminal ER signal sequence of a soluble protein

Enlist the function of signaling system ?

Name 5 major growth promoting oncogenes ?

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