Air pollution essay

Air pollution is the contamination of environment by the chemical, physical & biological agents that modifies the natural characteristics of atmosphere. pollutants are detrimental to human health as well as plants as a whole. Pollutants may be emitted by natural resources as well as human made inventions. Emission of smoke from vehicles due to the burning of fuels, smoke emitted from industries as well as the burning of fossil fuels are the main causes of air pollution. These polluted agents contaminate the air & make it unfavorable to livings. There are a lot of causes of air pollution. Some of major causes for air pollution are discussed below.

Sources of air pollution

Burning of fossil fuels

Fossils are the remaining of ancient plants and animals that were to be extinct in the past. These fossils are main source of energy but their burning adds harmful pollutants to the environment. Gases that are unhygienic are mostly unwanted for fresh & clean environment but the emitted gases from burning of fossils are dangerous. Their particles remain suspended in the air & contaminate air quality. Fossil fuels emit oxides of nitrogen in the air that are responsible for the formation of smog & acid rain.

Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.

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Main fossils are oil, natural gas & coal. When these are burnt for the energy, these also release carbon oxides other then nitrogen oxides in the air. Oxides of carbon especially carbon mono oxide is very dangerous for human health. It also causes green house effect which is in turn responsible for global warming. Green house gases are responsible for climate change.


Human inventions has made life easier than before but these inventions are also considered as main cause of pollution in environment to some extent. We use aero planes, busses, heavy vehicles as modes of transportation. These are driven by fuels. When fuel burns, it emits smoke containing harmful gases. These gases & pollutant particles remain suspended into air and degrade the air quality. Due to this, the presence of oxygen in air is also affected & living organisms are depleted of oxygen for respiration. When livings inhale the polluted air, it damages their lungs & living organisms are affected in this way by air pollution.

Microbial Decaying process

Microbes are the micro organisms that can’t be seen with an unaided eye but these are responsible for many diseases both in plants and animals. Modern technology has made way to discover the ways to eliminate the harmful microbes. Chemicals has been formed in laboratories mainly known as pesticides, anti biotics & herbicides. These contain such chemicals that return to air in form of gases. These are much more harmful & make air poisonous. So, these chemicals are also main cause of air pollution.

The environmental effects of the automobile are well known: motor vehicles cause, for example, as much as 75 percent of the noise and 80 percent of the air pollution in our cities, and the industry must face mounting pressure from environmentalists.

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Consequences of Deforestation

Human himself is the responsible for degradation of natural environment. Forests clean our air & make environment fresh and healthy. Now a days, as population is getting increased everyday & resources of food, residence are also increasing directly. Forests are cut down to meet the requirement of wood for construction. Deforestation is also done to build homes & industries. If trees will cut down at the present rate, the world will run out of the best quality air. Depletion of clean air will causes many problems until it will become difficult to breathe in open air. So, deforestation is main cause of air pollution that must be checked & special adaptations must be acquired to plant more trees.

How to reduce air pollution?

Air pollution must be reduced so that the environment must be assured for the hygienic livings of organisms. We can manually take some steps to reduce air pollution.

We must not burn garbage into open air because it emits harmful gases e.g. Carbon oxides.

We should plant more trees because afforestation is the main source that may reduce the risk of environment degradation or air pollution.

Use less smoke emitting vehicles & heavy machinery so that the air pollution risk may lower.

Agricultural activities like use of hazardous chemicals like pesticides, insecticides must be reduced. These chemicals contain harmful gases.

Fossil fuels burning must be checked & reduced because fossils are responsible for emission of harmful gases into air like different oxides. These cause air pollution and degrade environment in form of green house effect. Because the carbon oxides, once trapped into the earth’s outer layer “Atmosphere”, cannot be escaped. These disrupt the layer & causes Ozone Layer depletion. These also increase the earth’s temperature which is called Global Warming.

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