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If you are applying for a job and considering your interview then here you can test yourself for important questions regarding computer test. Practice these free Computer MCQs to prepare your job interview or computer exam. Every employer looks for an admirable computer information in an employee. So, you must enhance your knowledge by testing yourself here.

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As computer is the machine used in each field in offices, for business works, in different projects, studying and many other professions.Computer is a very fundamental subject every one must know its basic at all rates.

When you go for an interview, you must know basics of computer. To pass computer exam, you have to know a deep knowledge regarding computer. Computer is the one of the best development of new developing technology. It has made every thing easier.

Test yourself here and know about your previous knowledge about Computer. Computer MCQs are considered most important short multiples in all competitive exams. You must know about the fundamentals of computer like software, hardware, MS Office, Internet, and information technology MCQs and you can test here this basic computer knowledge.