Aab e Hayat Novel

Aab e Hayat is a word that describes a complete meaning of life in its all six stages. Aab e Hayat is a story of a married couple Umama and Salar. It i a complete story that reflects their struggle in life and marital relationship in between them. This novel consists of 25 episodes.

Umera Ahmad

Umera Ahmad is a famous writer famous because of her unique writing styles. She also write a master piece “Peer e Kamil”, a decade ago. Umera Ahmad, born on 10 December 1976, is a Pakistani author and novelist. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature at Murray College in Sialkot. She has received various awards including Best Writer Award in Lux Style Award for the drama serial Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan.

In start of story, she shows the relationship between Umama and Salar. Umama’s behaviour is so rude and Salar does everything to bring her happiness. But Umama gets angry at him. In short, there is no peace in their life.

Important highlights of Aab e Hayat is ‘Family Bonding’. It reflects that there is no need to build a sparkling career being pride by your family. Umama, being a simple housewife, keeps her family bonding strong and she becomes pride of her husband.

There is also a factor of imagination in the novel because in the middle of the story novelist describes about the Salar’s disease and does not write anything about him. It creates suspense about him because Salar is the soul of Aab e Hayat story.


The best thing i feel about the novel is that writer discuss main issue of our societies “Sood”. This novel also reflects Islamic attributes.

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