A Visit to Hill Station | 10th class Essays

To mitigate boredom, we use to visit to hill station mostly in summer vacations. Greenery enchants our hearts and relaxes our mind.

Mountains are blessed with beautiful greenery and refreshing points.

10. “Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

― David McCullough Jr.

This vacation, we planned to go to visit hill station in Murree whole family.

It was a pleasant weather. Clouds prevailed over the sky. Cool wind was blowing.

We packed our clothes and luggage. It was morning June 5, 2021. We got ready to go.

Whole journey we enjoyed the twisting ways towards Murree.

In the noon, we reached Murree, the beautiful and charming hill station.

The pleasant hill views with hailing on them attracted our hearts fully.

Temperature there was very cool and enjoyable.

At pindi point in Murree, we stay for an hour and amused by the sceneries of hills.

We felt hunger and decided to take a meal to be energetic.

We used to cook Pulao and Kabaab, fruits and juices with us.

After taking refreshing meal, we moved to patriata by chair lift.

During chairlift journey, we used to see a number of pine trees. Pine trees covered with snow looked charming.

Reaching next point, we used to do horse riding. It was a good experience.

Culture and traditions in Murree were too different to our culture. We used to buy beautiful vases and other items made of wood.

Visiting hill station is always alluring. We met foreigners and knew their traditions, like and dislikes. They were tourists visiting beautiful popular places in Pakistan.

Mall Road was appearing much more beautiful. We used to visit it. We enjoyed snacks, coffee and visited vintage book stores.

Nathia Gali was another exciting place. A winding road was leading towards Nathia Gali. There were beautiful wooden crafts. We buy some of them we liked the most.

It was getting too dark and we did not planned to stay there for night. So we decided to go back to our home.

We were refreshed and excited to have a family trip towards Murree.

It was a memorable trip that will always be in my memory.

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